Booth Parking System:Computerized system is designed to cater low budget parking solution with manned booth integrated with barrier Gate to provide access to the user into the parking facility by using barcode ticket and access cards. Manned exit station integrated with barrier.Booth System Solution is ideally suited for small parking.

The booth parking solution consists of following parking competent to make it secured, managed integrated model.

Entry System:

Entry station with operator to perform functions to provide secure access to the user into the parking facility. System is designed to accommodate all type of user and can also integrate with other parking equipments:LPR camera, RFID, Parking Display etc.



  • Processing barcode tickets and seasonal cards.
  • System database with configurable backup schedule.
  • Multilevel administrative authorization implemented.
  • Issuing and payment of prepaid tickets.
  • Integration parking counters display.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Real time status acquiring.
  • Alarm reporting.
  • Ethernet connection.
  • Touch screen cash system.
  • Graphical LED display.

PARKI:Modern, energy saving barrier with extensive functions, specially designed for demanding tasks in parking management system.


  • Compact control unit.
  • Versatile configuration options.
  • Innovative Motor Technology
  • Barrier arm length up to 4 mtr.
  • Silent and smooth operations
  • Reverse on obstacle detection.
  • Automatic fault detection.
  • Opening and closing in 1.5 second.
  • Adjustable opening and closing speed.
  • For almost all standard passenger cars.

Exit System:

Exit Station:Entry station with operator to perform functions to collect revenue and processing of multiple tickets, access cards and discount structure. System is designed to provide secure access by verifying various images of vehicle entered.


  • Payment of short-term Parker tickets including discount.
  • Renewal and additional payment of seasonal cards.
  • Touchscreen cash system.
  • Graphical LC-Display.
  • Real time status acquiring.
  • Alarm reporting.
  • Universal parking fee configuration.
  • System database with configurable backup schedule.
  • Multi-level administrative authorization implemented.
  • Shift report after shift change.
  • Receipt printer.
  • Automatic cash drawer.


CMS perform real time monitoring and controlling of all parking field deviceswith parameterization and upgradation of entry, exit and cash desk equipment’s.



  • Graphical, Clear presentation of the parting system.
  • Checking and controlling of the device.
  • Functional alarm message reporting with direct access.
  • Administrating customer with card and ticket data.
  • Tariff module design of car park tariff.
  • Web based presentation for business figures.



  • Car park-specific tariff configuration.
  • Temporal tariff validity.
  • Linear, progressive and digressive tariff structure.
  • Tariff for various payment types.
  • Definition of maximum amounts (limits).
  • Definition of flat rate (fixed amounts).
  • More favorable tariffs for specific periods.
  • Weekday’s dependent tariffs.
  • Individual tariffs for public holidays and special days.

 Report Module: Report management system provide multiple reports, statics, log and event in the form of graphical representation, pie chart, bar chart and different readable formats.


  • Tubular and graphical presentation of the car park data.
  • Various statical reports with numerous settings.
  • Revenue statics (ticket type, payment).
  • Maintenance, error and alarm list.
  • Discount report (online discounting).
  • Occupancy statics.
  • Periodical statics.
  • Value range statics.
  • Season Parker statics.
  • Shift report.
  • Time slot statistics.
  • Cash Book.
  • Card lists.
  • Customer lists.


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