PARKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: PARKIT series a parking management system is result of innovative and seamless effort of R&D team and IT professionals. New Generation with latest technology carried out to produce exceptional performance with high quality solution to improve parking experience in metro cities.
Parking management system is designed to provide more managed, secure and revenue oriented system. PARKIT is flexible and cost effective solution that helps to reduce operational cost, increase profitability and enhance security and comfort to improve better parking experience.

Performance: Secure revenue system, monitoring, controlling, reporting, management and other unique feature make it complete performer.
Intelligent: Parking terminals with excellence design and versatile software feature makes it smarter to optimize parking operations.
Innovative: Expansion of existing system is regular practice to enhance system performance with new ideas, addition of more controls, software features and integration module help to improve parking experience.
Reliable: PARKINN system with versatile configuration and extensible function make it more flexible to meet customizable requirement better parking operation and facility.
User Friendly: Integration with PGS, valet parking, online booking, access control, car finder module etc. make it so comfortable with in any size of parking facility.
Safe: Parking lanes integrated with driver image and license plate camera. Three-layer redundant system make database more secure. Exceptional software features makes entire system safer.

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